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Being a developer is not easy work, you are an artist seeking for inspiration to develope games while trying to overcome your own problems of depression, anxiety and paranoia. You must face all your fears to create a masterpiece of a game.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a game developer?


  • Common sense puzzles.

Believe me, thinking outside the square will help.

  • 20-60 minutes gameplay.

It can differ depending on the reasoning of the person, do not worry, we tend to make the complex simple.

  • Use of some random elements.

Things might change on each attempt.

  • Survival Horror.

Manage the elements to achieve it.

Development log


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Interesting game, bit different, could use checkpoints here and there and some optimization (Game kept getting laggier and laggier as I kept playing). Otherwise, I'll probably see it to the end.

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Hey Neco thanks for your feedback!!

I watched it, it’s actually funny, liked it. I could see a lot of bugs and things to fix thanks to you.I’ll update the project very soon.

Updated! Please try it Neco